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Every engagement realizes the benefits of Deliveron's proven framework and specific, repeatable development practices to ensure relevant, quality and efficient project delivery. Our commitment to success is coupled with strong project leadership and technology vision. Our client engagements are characterized by:

Personalized Approach
We tailor our engagement model to be most effective for the client. Different clients have different needs, so we design our approach to have the most significant impact. We provide end-to-end software development projects, development and testing capacity, team immersion, mentoring and training, technical leadership, and team leadership.
Client-integrated partnerships
We combine Deliveron consultants with client team members to blend together to form a cohesive team that leverages Deliveron's process guidance and technology expertise with our clients' business knowledge. This results in knowledge transfer that occurs throughout the project enabling clients to be self-sufficient.
Solution focus and technology expertise
Our strong reputation has grown through our constant success at leading projects to completion. We ensure the right technologies are used in the right way to solve the problem at hand, and our perspective is shaped by the need for strong enterprise architecture. We achieve this through operating with consistent principles of design, vision, leadership, and collaboration.
ALM process guidance and discipline
Application Lifecycle Management is central to our approach and lays the foundation for long term success. We combine our deep Agile Scrum expertise with our use of supporting tools that allow us to scale our delivery process that works for both small and very large initiatives. Our clients gain further benefit from our enterprise ready test strategy and automation solutions, our DevOps enablement process, and our engineering practices that make Agile project delivery successful.
Our cross-functional consultants
Deliveron consultants go beyond just technical expertise; they have the soft skills required to help project teams and to work directly with business stakeholders. Their expertise spans multiple technologies and project disciplines, allowing them to contribute in multiple ways on every project.
We believe in helping our customers create software solutions in a better way.
We do this by having a project delivery process and technology expertise that ensures we are solving the right problem in the right way and driving the most business value.